February 24, 2008

4 AM To Do List

Posted in Uncategorized at 11:38 pm by ogle3

Lauren seems to be an early riser…she typically wakes up between 3:30 and 4:30, so I feed her and pray she falls asleep…but instead of falling asleep, she is wide awake and yelling to get out of bed.  I’ve gotten used to her schedule – as long as I hold her and walk around a bit, she’s happy and falls back asleep within the hour.  So here’s my list of things to do at 4 am.  Some of these get done every day (#1, #4), and others just as needed.

1.  Make a cup of hot chocolate (warm milk + nesquick)

2.  Have a snack (frosted mini-wheats, dry)

3.  Empty the dishwasher

4.  Load the dishwasher

5.  Clean off the kitchen counter

6.  Fold and put away Lauren’s laundry (that one can be done every other day, it seems!)

7.  Spot check any clothes that haven’t already been checked

8.  Get a new load of laundry ready (notice a trend?)

I’d finish the post, but she’s asleep now…I’d better get to bed since I’ll likely be up at 4!


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  1. Grandma Zak said,

    She must be getting ready to go to NJ (It is 3 hours later there).
    Hopefully she will adjust to Pacific time.

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