February 17, 2008

First Sunday, first smile!

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We’ve been seeing little smiles out of Lauren, but I wasn’t sure I really believed it, as smiling is a 6 week milestone, and this girl is only 9 days old!  What do you think?  Is this a smile?

Daddy played for church this morning, so Gramma and Uncle Tyler helped us get out the door.  Lauren looked adorable in her Winnie the Pooh dress…it came with little tights, but they weren’t quite little enough 🙂  She slept nicely through church, waking up to eat in the last half hour.  Of course, after she ate she fell asleep, and I had just given up trying to burp her when she suddenly decided to burp on her own…the loudest little burp you’ve ever heard.  James’ previous boss, wife and son (one of my students) were behind us giggling, and the people in front of us turned around to see who in the world could have (would have) done that in church!  I believe the comment was “who taught her to belch like a sailor?”

I guess it’s a step above one of Peyton’s church service noises…one service at Rosewood Peyton decided to…”let ‘er rip” in his diaper.  I think I’d take a burp over that any day.

Before church Uncle Tyler snapped a couple shots for us.  We persuaded Peyton to smile nicely and keep his gum INSIDE his mouth for the picture by promising a silly shot, so here are the two.  Lauren even picked up on the silly picture, as you can see from her immitation Dr. Evil finger.

nice  Silly

daddy n le


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