February 9, 2008

Welcome Baby Lauren!

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We have wireless internet at our hospital! I’ll add a better birth story later, but here’s the jist – 6:00 pm checked in with minor contractions, but the doc agreed to break my water if I hadn’t progressed. Apparently there were only 1 or 2 patients in our birthing center. 7:00 pm – Doc comes in to break the water, but baby’s hand it presenting next to her head, so if he broke the water her arm would go into the birth canal. 8:00 pm – Doc checks again, and baby has moved and the cord is not in danger of going into the canal, so he breaks the water. 8:30 – they start pitocin to make sure contractions are working 9:15 pm – contractions are strong, but still only a 4 (I came in at a 3) 9:50 – ready to push! In fact, I could barely hold back while we waited for the doctor. 10:00 – doctor says I can push 10:07 pm on 2-8-08 – baby Lauren is here! She did manage to sneak her hand next to her face again, which required a bit of maneuvering, but it worked out fine. She weighs in at 8 lb. 14 oz, 20.5 ” long…and very healthy. I had a minor tear, but it’s on the top/side, so it doesn’t bother me at all. We were able to avoid medications like I wanted, and James was an awesome coach, so it was really a wonderful birth experience! And she’s ready to eat (which is going well) – I’ll post pics soon (our camera battery doesn’t have enough power to load to the computer – check back in this afternoon, after James has had a chance to run home to get the spare battery.


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