February 1, 2008

End in Sight

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At my appointment this morning we set a date for the induction (in case she takes her sweet time about this).  If she doesn’t come next week, on Friday we’ll strip the membranes (peel the amniotic sac away from the uterine wall – doing this can often start labor) as a last ditch effort.  If it doesn’t work, we’ll be checking into the hospital on Tuesday the 12th, so baby Lauren should arrive some time that afternoon/evening. 

I’m really hoping that we don’t have to wait that long – I don’t want to spend my entire labor connected to machines and IVs and stuck in the hospital bed…we did that with Peyton.   I’d much prefer being able to get through the long, boring part at home before we head to the hospital, and they don’t run IVs unless you absolutely need them (as you do with an induction), so it would be nice to be able to move around freely in the hospital.

So pray for us – Peyton keeps telling this little girl to come out, but she hasn’t been listening, although that’s probably a good thing.  The roads were so icy at the start of the week due to the snow, I was afraid we might go into labor and have a terrible time getting to the hospital!  Several of our friends have offered to drive us in their 4×4 vehicles, but it would be nice if that wasn’t necessary.  God’s timing is best; I only ask that it be before the 12th 🙂


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  1. Gramma Zak said,

    Brandi’s birthday is the 12th!

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