January 26, 2008

Pics by Peyton

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We snapped a few shots this morning before heading to a birthday party for one of Peyton’s friends.  Since we had our camera out, Peyton wanted to use his camera, a birthday present from Grandma and Grandpa.  Here are his results:

belly  daddy

The picture of James is pretty good, considering that a lot of Peyton’s pics are of walls, sky or carpet.

Daddy snapped a few pics too –

pjs cam  belly2 

2 more weeks at the very most!  I don’t know if I can make it!  I usually feel pretty well, but lying down in bed is the most uncomfortable part of my day.  Hopefully this little girl will be ready to come see us soon!

Also, there’s a new build going up across the elementary school field in front of our house.  Every time we pass it (and the other houses near it that are being built), Peyton cheers at the progress, as he continues to talk about a suggestion I made months ago…Mom, Papa and Uncle Tyler should buy that house 🙂  He says “Then they won’t be far away and they can drive to see us all the time!”

new build

The birthday party this morning was a blast – the mother served lunch and all kinds of fresh fruit and vegetables.  They had a better concept of the pinata – instead of hitting it with a baseball bat, the kids each picked one string and pulled.  When most of the strings were gone it was Peyton’s turn, and when he pulled, out popped all the candy!  A few minutes after that Giggles the Clown pulled up with her assistant.  She did a few tricks, including making a real bird appear long enough for lots of petting, and making a stuffed bunny turn into a real bunny.  After that, however, she also needed to make a pack of antibacterial wipes appear, as common comments while petting the bunny included “Wow, she’s sweaty…she’s really warm and sweaty and wet…”  The assistant bathed the bunny and wiped up the box she’d been in while the kids carefully washed their hands 🙂  Giggles also played a few games with the kids, and each time they won (and they won each time), they got to pick a prize.  She also made balloon figures…lots of swords and hats for the boys, and a few puppies or kitties for the girls.  She ended with face painting, from pirate moustaches to butterflies to dogs to cars.  She kept the kids’ attention the whole time she was there, which was fun because I got to talk with some of the other moms who bring their kids to Jen’s house each day.  I also got to know the hostess a bit more, which will be nice, as the family only lives a block away!

While Giggles was entertaining, we noticed it had started to snow.  It was very light at first, with thick, fluffy flakes, but by the time we got home it had started to really come down.  There’s about an inch of snow right now, covering all the grass and cement.


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  1. grandma miller said,

    your baby is perfect and peyton is getting handsomer everday
    You were all baby no extra weight gain you will be back in your clothes right away how wonderful
    i will coming up soon call me and let me know when it’s a good time and i’ll get my ticket
    this trip is my christmas gift from lee he would love to come but he is working a shutdown and we don’t know when it will be over
    but i’m coming any way
    i love you all mom

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