January 23, 2008

Bruised Ribs

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:14 pm by ogle3

Or at least my ribs feel like they’re bruised.  I’m not sure if it’s just my gigantic uterus that tries to squeeze up into my rib cage or if it’s baby feet stretching, but ouch!  It usually isn’t too bad, but during the night, whichever side is “up” (pregnant women aren’t supposed to lie on their backs…it’s been 4 months since I slept that way!) always feels like it’s being pinched.  This also prevents me from leaning over, which means Peyton has been a big helper in moving my Sorry game pieces when we play together.

We’re getting down to the last few days/weeks now – at the very most, 2 weeks and 5 days left until we bring our little girl home.  Today at work one of James’ coworkers told him we’d go into labor this weekend…apparently a high-pressure system is coming in, causing labor to start.  High-pressure systems mean very low temperatures, so perhaps when women say it’s Murphey’s Law that they’ll go into labor once it starts snowing, maybe it’s really more about science and weather.  At this point, I’ll believe it – one of the other teachers had her baby the day it started snowing in December, and James’ coworker had to rush his wife to the hospital a year ago when her water broke the minute it got cold enough to snow.

Hopefully this theory is more accurate than the full moon theory (full moon last night.  Lots of contractions, but still no baby).  Or maybe since the moon is still mostly full, AND the pressure is going up, the two will combine to bring us our baby?

At any rate, if you want us to call you when baby arrives, you better make sure we have your number ASAP!  The pressure system is moving in!


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