January 17, 2008

Winter Picture Update

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I realized that we haven’t taken very many pictures of me since I gained 30 lbs (I’ve taken to calling her my 30 lb. bowling ball), so here are a few from tonight.  Yes, I do still have arms, and no, if I stop holding it up it won’t fall out. 

No arms Sideshot

Here’s Peyton experimenting with his birthday present, an artist’s easel.  His favorite activity:  mixing the colors to “turn” primary into secondary colors.  We’ve placed the easel in the kitchen against the wall between the fridge and the pantry, so he often paints while I make dinner.


Speaking of Peyton’s birthday, here are a couple pictures from our miniature birthday celebration…just Mommy, Daddy & Peyton this year. 

birthday cupcake  cupcake tastes good

I don’t think I posted any pictures from the bit of snow we enjoyed this winter.  I think we had two or three weekends of snow, but it all melted away within a day or two after it arrived, so we haven’t had to take any snow days (or cancel any holidays, thank goodness!).

snow1  windup  Windup 2

We also tried biking in the snow.  snow biking 

 no snow biking  It didn’t work out very well.


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