January 8, 2008

The Birthday Boy

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Peyton had a difficult birthday.  We had lunch together at Red Robin on Sunday to celebrate, and they gave us a balloon to take home.  We stopped at Costco to pick up snacks to treat his pre-school class, and I thought I checked that it was safely tied to his wrist before we got out of the car, but as soon as the balloon came out the door, the wind grabbed it and it was gone.  I felt SO bad!  Poor little guy, he was so sad!  We decided to skip Costco and go straight home so Peyton could take his nap, and I promised him I’d get him a new balloon.

Sunday night he got into bed a bit late because we stayed too long at small group.  When James and I went to bed at 10:30, I was having a hard time getting comfortable when I looked over and WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU DOING AWAKE???? 

So Monday morning, on his birthday, he seemed to grow ten years instead of one!  He responded to my sweet happy birthday song with “Leave me alone, I want to sleep.”  What kind of 4 year old does that???

At the babysitter, he didn’t want to nap, then I showed up a bit early because I thought he’d enjoy coming home a bit earlier than usual.  Instead, he was still sleeping after falling asleep late, so I woke him up from a much-needed but much-too-short nap.  All evening he was grouchy and tired and cranky and whiney.  Instead of a nice birthday evening, we tucked him in early and were glad for the quiet time.

He awoke in better spirits today – he really did like his presents and he really was thankful to those who called…he just didn’t know it.

And as for his sister: she’s still in there, though I thought she might have been hoping to make an entrance on her brother’s birthday.  Maybe she’s just more interested in tormenting me with the on-again-off-again cramping contractions that seem to start up and grow, then quit, only to repeat at inconvenient times…like 1:30 to 4 this morning.


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  1. Ashley said,

    Happy Birthday Peyton. I thought of him on Hunter’s birthday 🙂

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