December 31, 2007

Last Post of ’07

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Well, we kind of thought we might begin the new year with a new baby – this morning I lost my plug (yeah, if you don’t know what it is, don’t look it up) and had contractions throughout the day, but they haven’t gotten much stronger despite their regularity.  For those who don’t know, losing a plug can mean labor will start right away, or it could mean labor will come eventually, so really, losing the plug doesn’t mean anything.

I had a scheduled appointment today, anyway, so he ran yet another ultrasound (if we had better insurance I’d be overjoyed) to measure my cervix, which is still not effacing or dilating (that’s good).  He says baby needs to stay where she’s at for 10 more days, then she’s free to come out when she so pleases.  She’s still a she, her hair is growing, and she’s weighing in around 5 lb. and 12 oz (normal).  She’s right on target as far as head and leg measurements go, but this chubby little girl is 2 weeks wider around the middle than her due date predicts 🙂 

One hang-up – my platelets are still falling.  Normal is 150, last appointment 2 weeks ago they were at 120, so he called for another lab last week and they were at 105.  To give you an idea, below 100 they won’t give an epidural (which is good – then I don’t have to worry about accidentally getting one when I don’t really want one!), which must be where I was at with Peyton, since I asked for an epidural and by the time the guy got there to shake his head no, I was ready to push anyway.  My doctor said they don’t really do transfusions until around 20, so I still have plenty not to worry about.  I gave my doctor the contact info for the hematologist I saw with Peyton regarding the Von Willabrands, so Dr. Cook will call him to see what my levels were doing last pregnancy.

Anyway, happy New Year!  I celebrated by buying a recumbent exercise bike, though I’m not sure I dare to use it for the next 10 days.  Since it was dinner time and I was in Bellingham still, I picked up KFC and we celebrated New Years Eve with a bucket of chicken and some potatoes and cole slaw 🙂


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  1. Auntie Ruth said,

    So … how come there are no posts for 2008? It is already the eighth of January, and only 31 days left ! and we haven’t had any phone calls at our house – are we still on the “Call from the hospital list?” Love all of you 🙂 Praying you through these next few days 🙂

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