December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas!

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(one day late)

Christmas Morning

Since we didn’t get to see any of you on Christmas, here are a few pics so you can be there with us virtually.

Peyton woke up at 7:45, so we snuggled in bed a few minutes before we went out to see what we had put in each others’ stockings (Santa doesn’t come – we don’t have a chimney.  Instead, we give gifts to each other to show how much we love eachother).  Peyton’s was stuffed with colors and stamps and bubblegum, Daddy’s was filled with candy, and Mommy’s had rocks in it…beautiful diamond earrings 🙂  (This was SUPPOSED to be a small Christmas, Daddy!)

Shlippers  Guitar  Peyton & Daddy Guitars  PJ & D Guitars  Proud Peyton

The highlights:  Peyton LOVED his guitar from Grandma Patty & Papa Lee, we’ve been playing a lot of Hullabaloo, a game from Gramma T, and the tents & tunnels we bought him are his “house” and “Bob’s,” a local burger joint, where he orders food and pays using his new Cars wallet.

We also bought Super Mario Galaxy for Peyton and James to play together on the Wii, but Peyton is only allowed to play the Wii if he takes a nap.  He didn’t nap yesterday.  He “rested” in his room for a while, but he never went to sleep, so we didn’t get to play the games.  At dinner time, Peyton gave Mommy and Daddy a surprise gift – he said “I’m tired, I’m going to sleep,” and he did.  He went to his room, turned off the light, shut the door and went to sleep.  At 6:00.  We spent our extra-long evening watching the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie and wondering what time Peyton would wake up.  He didn’t get up again until 6:45 this morning…I wish I could sleep that long!

This was our first Christmas alone – we enjoyed the peace of it since we didn’t have to run from party to party, but we also missed everyone!  It was a long day without friends and family to keep us busy!  And I actually had to make dinner this year…I had planned on buying a small ham or something but I never actually did, so we had a regular meal plus apple cider.  Next year we’re going to think a bit harder before we decide to do Christmas by ourselves!


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