December 14, 2007

8 weeks and Counting

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Today we had our 32 week appointment – other than having to wait an HOUR to see the doctor (why in the world would they have me come in 15 minutes after someone who was having a 45 minute procedure done???), it was a great appointment!  I don’t have Gestational Diabetes this time around (I celebrated on the way home with a Milky Way), I only gained 2 lbs. in the past month (the month before I’d gained 9!), AND I got a surprise ultrasound because the doctor wanted to measure my cervix to make sure the contractions aren’t doing anything.

He first checked the baby – she’s still a she, she’s head-down, and she has hair (he pointed out the fuzzy line around her head)!  He measured her belly; up until this point, she’s been right on target in all her measurements, but today perhaps she’d had too much to drink because she was measuring 2 full weeks ahead of schedule.  Ultrasounds are often incorrect in their assessments of a baby’s weight, but if today’s was accurate, she’s going to be a chubby little girl!

My cervix is totally normal.  He first pointed to an oval on the screen – the baby’s head – then at a very thin white line – “the way out” 🙂  I suppose if the white line looked like a tunnel we’d be a bit more worried 🙂

Still, he gave me the run-down just in case- if we go into labor now, they’ll try to stop it, or at least slow it enough to send us to Seattle to make sure they’ll have the resources necessary.  If I make it to 34 weeks, they’ll probably try to slow labor, but they wouldn’t move us to Seattle because everything is developed by then.  If I can wait 2 weeks after that, they let nature take its course.  We’ll see what happens – it would be nice to have this baby in my arms rather than on my bladder (which was a very squished-looking shape on the ultrasound – no wonder I have to pee every 30 minutes!), but we thought Peyton would come 3 weeks early and that didn’t happen.

One issue we’re checking – my platelets were slightly low, so I have to have them checked again in a few weeks to make sure this is not a trend.  He said that platelet counts often come back slightly lowered in pregnant women, so he isn’t worried, but he does want to double-check.  I asked about VonWillabrands, and he says this is not related – obviously it’s the “same animal,” but it’s a different sort of problem.

Peyton cut another link off the chain today, but as it grows shorter it seems his own fears grow larger.  The last day or two he’s decided at bedtime that he doesn’t love girl babies; he wants a boy baby (though he spends the rest of the day hugging my tummy and telling our baby he loves her).  He’s also been praying at night that God will help him to take care of the baby.  Perhaps it will be better for him once the baby is here – it seems his own worries are bigger than reality will be.


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  1. Ashley said,

    I’m glad you had good news at your appointment. If you make it to your due date our kids will only be about 3 weeks apart.

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