December 10, 2007


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Some of you may remember that I had some pre-term contractions with Peyton.  They didn’t hurt, but they came 5 minutes apart, a minute long, starting a month or two before his due date.  The docs put me on medicine to stop the contractions, and we thought we’d have a baby the day we got off the medication. 

Sure enough, the contractions started up again with their annoying regularity.  We visited the hospital on Christmas night of 2003, but they sent us home.  A few days later, we went back again, only to be again sent home.

After two weeks of being off of the medication, they induced labor.  Now the 5 minutes apart contractions were stronger, more annoying, and just as helpful in doing absolutely nothing to get labor going.  After 17 hours, my body decided it was tired of the contractions and my water broke.  Peyton arrived an hour later.

4 years later, it starts again.  For the past few weeks when I’d notice contractions, I didn’t think much of them.  They weren’t regular, but they were there.  If they seemed to continue, I’d sit down for a few minutes until they went away.

Thursday night they started while I was making dinner, and when we sat down to eat I thought I ought to time them.  They were 3-5 minutes apart, lasting at least a minute.  After dinner I went to lie down, but it didn’t do any good.  Three hours later they were still a nuisance, coming every 2 to 4 minutes, lasting about a minute.  They still didn’t hurt, so while I was a bit concerned, I wasn’t concerned enough to go to the hospital. 

Friday morning I called my doctor, only to find that he’s out of the office until Tuesday.  I called Labor & Delivery, and they heard my story, then put me through to the triage nurse.  She listened to my story, then told me to call the doctor on call.  I hung up and called my doctor back because he had a message with a number connecting to the doctor on call.  I called the number.  I talked to the answering service lady.  She gave me the number of the doctor on call.  I called him.  I told his nurse the story.  She put me on with a different nurse, so I told her my story.  She grabbed the doctor, so I told him the story.  How many times have I had to explain this, now?  Anyway, he told me to go in if it continues and they’d monitor me for a few minutes.  He also said to tell them he’d order the fetalFibronectine test, which can accurately tell if a woman has an elevated chance of giving birth within two weeks. 

So I caved in and went to the hospital as soon as school let out.  They monitored me and no, I wasn’t crazy; the contractions were real and they were about 5 minutes apart.  The nurse checked me for a bladder infection and ran the fFn test, but they had to keep me until the results came back…probably one to two hours.

There I sat, listening to Lauren’s heartbeat and watching the monitor as the contractions came.  I had books in my purse, but it was on the floor.  I had to go to the bathroom.  Eventually the nurse brought me some juice and told me how to unhook myself so I could use the bathroom.  While I was in the bathroom she dropped off a sandwich and apple slices with caramel dip. 

When I had nearly finished my free (until insurance finds out) dinner, she returned with the results – no bladder infection, and no baby in the next two weeks.  I was free to go home and not worry 🙂  They offered me some medication, but they said it was optional, so I turned it down.  They don’t hurt and they aren’t doing anything (at least for two more weeks), and I see my regular doctor this week Friday anyway, so I’ll talk to him about what he thinks is best.

We’ve less than 10 weeks now – 9 at the most, 8 ’til the due date, 5 ’til baby is full-term, and 2 ’til the fFn guarantee runs out.  I think we can make it!

Sorry this is such a long post, but you need an update on Peyton, too.  He was an amazing drummer boy in church yesterday!  I’ll post video or pics as soon as I get the chance to load them.

However, he’s also beginning to stress about the baby.  I don’t think he understands that he’s worried about change, but he’s been regressing lately.  We’ve had #2 accidents almost every night when he waits too long to get to the toilet, and he’s been throwing lots of fits lately as he tries to take control over silly things at what seem like the worst times for Mom & Dad (ie we’ve gotta get out the door and he decides he does NOT want to wear that shirt anymore).  Yesterday he was crying over the length of the ribbon that hangs the drum around his neck…I was about ready to chuck the dumb thing in the trash, but that wouldn’t have solved his problem.  We’d appreciate prayers for him in the coming weeks, as his world is changing and he doesn’t quite know how to keep up with it, and prayers for us as we’re trying to help him adjust and hoping to keep our sanity (or what we have left of it).


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