December 4, 2007

That’s one way to do it –

Posted in Uncategorized at 6:05 pm by ogle3

As Sunday came to a close, we placed bets on the chances of havng a late start the next day.  According to the news, a “pineapple express” was coming in to melt our snow and flood our rivers, but after several days of 30* weather, who’d believe the weather could get into the 50s?

Monday made us believers.  When I pulled out of the garage Monday morning, my windows completely fogged up because it was 60* outside and only 40* in the car.  A hot breeze blew throughout the day, threatening power outages, and the warm rain melted the snow before school let out.  That’s one way to clean up after the rain! 

I suppose if we’re going to have snow, it might as well come on a weekend and be cleared before Monday morning!  As much as I love snow days, I don’t think I want to go to school on Friday the 21st during our Christmas break, and I don’t want to lose our holidays in January, either. 

Warning for this weekend: snow in the forecast again…Peyton and I are seeing a local theatre do High School Musical…Peyton is going to be a Little Drummer Boy on stage in church on Sunday…other news to come…


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