December 2, 2007

Gone Sledding

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The snow stuck this time!  We got an inch or two yesterday, so I had hopes that Peyton could open his special gift from Gramma and Papa after nap and we could go sledding.  But then Peyton decided to “rest” instead of nap, and he was so grouchy the rest of the day that there was no way I’d take him out of the house.

Opening the gift  Surfing

This morning the snow was still there, but the rain is supposed to come in for the rest of the day, so I thought we’d better get out there before the snow is gone!  I let Peyton open his gift – he calls it his snowboard 🙂  We bundled up right away – the snowsuit that was HUGE last year is just right for him this year…I can’t believe how fast he is growing up! 

snow tree  City Park Snow 2

The snow was just starting to fall lightly as we headed to City Park at 8:00 this morning.  Maybe because it’s Sunday, or perhaps because it was so early, City Park was empty – Peyton and I were the first to leave footprints there this year.  The first run Peyton wanted to go by himself, but the snow was so powdery and the hill we’d chosen wasn’t quite steep enough.  I got on with him for the next run and all the extra weight on the back helped.  After that he went by himself down the trail we’d made.  I did my best to give him a good start, but pregnant bodies don’t quite work as well. 

sled1  sled 2  City Park snow  last city park

bottom of the hill 

The snow started coming down a little heavier after an hour, but Peyton was so reluctant to leave that he started making unintentional snow angels (ie throwing a fit).  Mommy won, however, and we come home for breakfast and baths.

Right now it’s still snowing pretty heavily…if this rain comes in we’ll flood; if it doesn’t, we may have a snow day tomorrow! 


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