November 23, 2007


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 family thanksgiving

First, Thanksgiving was wonderful – we spent time together in the morning with a special cinnamon roll & orange juice breakfast, then we worked on cleaning up the house 🙂  Peyton went down for an early nap (but never fell asleep) so we could make it to Uncle Gordon’s by 2:30.  We had a lot of fun at Uncle Gordon’s – they also had the Eaden family over, so Peyton was running and wrestling and “fighting” for almost the entire afternoon!  He took a few rides with Steven on the 4-wheeler, and he even played a few games of Uno (and won one of them!) with us before we had dessert.   

Today I’ve had a few pleasant surprises – this morning I stopped by the thrift store and found a decent dresser for our little girl AND a bookshelf-style headboard for Peyton.  I’ve been watching and contacting Craig’s list people for a while and it seems like no one wants to get back to me!  We also looked at a few nearby furniture stores, but the cost was going to be high.  I’m SO happy we found what we did – both items will need to be refinished (and I’m not sure I’m allowed to do that while pregnant), but they can wait until next year if necessary.  It just feels SO good to know that I can start putting her clothes away where they belong AND we saved tons of money.  Oh, and FedEx came a day early with an order of little girl shoes that I bought in an 85% off sale from  If you need little girl shoes, visit the website and type City85 into the code box in your shopping cart and the discount will apply.

After we brought the dresser home this morning, ate some leftovers from Uncle Gordon’s Thanksgiving feast yesterday (we couldn’t fit all the food on the table!), and put Peyton down for his nap, I put up the border in Lauren’s room.  It looks SO cute – here’s a new pic of the bedding next to the finished product 🙂  The wall looks a bit greener in this picture – it’s the same green as the leaves on her bedding.

Lauren room

We’re about to start on the Christmas decorations – Peyton’s very excited to get the tree up.  He continues to watch for snow in the mornings, as it’s been very cold here the last few days.  When there are clouds in the sky, the heat stays in, but when the sun shines and there are no clouds in the sky, it can get cold!  The last few nights have been about 10 degrees below freezing, so the world is frosted over when we get up in the morning.  During the day the sun is beautiful and keeps the house warm, but don’t be fooled – wear a beanie and gloves to keep yourself warmer than the 35* air temperature!


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