November 15, 2007

It’s a boy?

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Peyton came along with me to the ultrasound today; I let him be the first to tell Daddy that our baby is a boy!  But then Peyton immediately spilled the beans that we were tricking Daddy before our joke could get out of hand 🙂  (In other words, she’s still a she 🙂

Lauren 11-15

Besides the long wait, everything was looking fine.  The first thing we saw was her face right as she was giving a gigantic yawn.  Doctor checked her heart (last time she was lying sideways so he couldn’t measure) and it looks good, then he double-checked the gender issue and she’s still definitely a girl, so we’re free to paint in purple and green this weekend.  Then we looked to her face again to see if we could get a good picture, and this time we saw her profile as she brought her hand to her mouth to suck her thumb 🙂  We got a decent pic of her profile (above) – she looks like she’s got chubby little cheeks already!  Other than that she looks a lot like her big brother at this point.  At the same time, however, she’s very different from Peyton – he never sucked his thumb, nor did he ever take a pacifier!


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