November 14, 2007

Ushering in the Holidays

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Nothing like a little [spring] cleaning to welcome the holidays –

On the brink of Thanksgiving break, James and I (along with the somewhat-helpful Peyton and the more-of-an-obstruction Lauren) have been getting our house in order.  While I was teaching an SAT prep class last Saturday, James and Peyton cleaned the kitchen and living room for me.  On Sunday afternoon Peyton and I organized and cleaned the front room and his bedroom, then we celebrated veteran’s day by relocating all the junk that had been in baby’s room.  Peyton and I washed the walls to prep for a fresh coat of french lilac and/or pale sea mist or dark linen [both greens] paint (for samples, check out the benjamin moore website‘s personal color viewer – just pick a bedroom, then type the color names in the search box).

Today we stopped by the paint store to pick up another roll of painters’ tape and to get some color samples.  The people at Terry’s Paints are awesome at finding just the right colors to complement a fabric swatch, so I brought in baby’s bedding and told them I was thinking about purple and/or green.  We brought home some samples and I think I’m going to paint the bottom half of the room green, the top half purple, and put the border around the middle.  When we got home I taped the wood trim to make sure it remains unpainted.  All I have to do is measure and tape around the middle so I know where to put the border and I’m ready to paint!

Tomorrow Peyton will accompany me to my doctor visit and ultrasound – hopefully Lauren will have turned the right way so Dr. Cook can measure her heart.  Oh, and it would also be nice if we can confirm that she is still a she.

Then we can buy paint on Friday.

This weekend will be spent painting.  After we paint we can shop for a dresser for her room, then I can go through Peyton’s old baby clothes to see what can be used and what can be put away.  We’ll also assemble her crib and some of the new baby equipment to make sure all the pieces are there before the 90-day return policies end.  I’ll need to replace the broken miniblinds with a blackout shade, sheers and the valance that came with the bedding.  I also have some cut-to-sew blankets that might be in need of lace or crochet, and some Bear-Beatitudes fabric that I started making wall-hangings of during the short time that Peyton was a girl are also in need of lace trim.

Thanksgiving, Christmas decorating, Christmas, Christmas de-decorating, Peyton’s birthday…the holidays are going to slip by so quickly!  (and the four weeks after that will probably feel eternal)


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