November 9, 2007

Preschool Pics

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James and I were uncertain on whether or not to order school pictures for Peyton. Would he smile nicely? Would he act like a goofball? We wouldn’t be able to preview the pictures before paying, so we thought maybe we’d be better off getting them done in a department store. We continued to waffle on the idea until we noticed a “satisfaction guaranteed” stamp on the picture paperwork, so I filled it out and wrote the check only minutes before we left for school that day.

School pics

And how cute they came out! When they said satisfaction guaranteed, I didn’t know they meant it!

In other news, we’re spending our 3 day weekend cleaning out the baby’s room. Next weekend we’ll paint (we have another ultrasound on Thursday – we’re expecting confirmation on a girl, even though we’re mostly likely sticking with a neutral green color), then over Thanksgiving break we can get her a dresser and put together the swing and the other baby gear. I’ll also have the space to go through Peyton’s old clothes and see what we can reuse.


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