November 6, 2007

Chain Links

Posted in Uncategorized at 8:39 pm by ogle3

Peyton has been asking when his baby will come out (and when I’ll be home from work), so I thought we should find a tangible way to explain time to him.

Tonight he and I colored some scrap paper and cut out 14 links to make a chain.  We wrote weeks on the links, and we colored pictures, then we taped them together to mark the passage of time.  We even made an extra link to mark the week that Grandma and Uncle Tyler are going to come visit us after baby comes.

Peyton is really growing up.  I drew lines on his paper and thought I’d let him try to cut the links out.  He did a perfect job!  He was so careful and really took his time. 

He’s also been coloring letters lately.  I’m not sure when he learned, but he knows how to write a letter P.  He has an idea of how to write the other letters of his name – I think the E often has extra prong or two, the Y and the T look remarkably similar, the O is perfect, and the N…I think he needs to work on the N. 

And it’s bedtime.  I know I haven’t updated in a while, but it’s bedtime.  I’m so tired!  We’re into the third trimester this week, and I feel it.  I’m exhausted despite getting plenty of sleep, I have heartburn (well, I guess I probably shouldn’t have had the pizza…or the tacos…in the first place), and did I mention I’m ready for bed?

3 months to go…


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