October 16, 2007

Happy Holidays!

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Already?  I got home from work today and Peyton and Daddy (Peyton tried to go to school – his symptoms are all gone, but he was just too tired so Daddy took him home early) were watching the Veggietales Star of Christmas.  Apparently they’d spent the afternoon watching both videos on the double-feature Veggietales Christmas DVD.  In my Mary Kay meetings lately we’ve been working on our plans for the holidays, and my friend Jeannie and I are starting to plan a holiday open house together.

And I’ve been craving Christmas cookies – those frosted, cookie-cutter sugar cookies that people only make at Christmas time.

So Peyton and I made Christmas cookies together this afternoon.

I hope 15 minutes at 375* cooks out the germs.

And if you need any help shopping for someone this Christmas, let me know!  My director challenged me to sell 25 items in the next 7 days, but I’m thinking I might go for the record of 64.  In our meeting on Monday night they talked about how to do executive gifts for businesses, so if I spend some time on the phone with some of the local businesses I might be able to make it happen!  Check out my Mary Kay website and especially the awesome Christmas gifts…PLEASE!  I won’t make either of my goals without your help!


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  1. Ashley said,

    It’s Christmas here too. For the past two weeks Brian has been listening to Christmas music and a few days ago he started singing “What Child is This” to the kids before bed.

    Merry Christmas 🙂

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