October 14, 2007


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Our entire house is still the original white-with-wood-trim from when it was built.  We’re definitely painting baby’s room, so I thought Peyton might also enjoy picking out some colors for his own room.

He picked out navy blue first, but we eventually convinced him to go with some slightly lighter colors.  Eventually we ended up with a medium blue on two walls and a light blue on the other two walls.  It turned out great!  He even helped me with rolling the paint on, although after we finished I noticed a few blue spots on his butt and on his knee 🙂  Good thing we put on old clothes first! 

(But he wasn’t the only one who sat in the paint)

The only other excitement this weekend is Peyton’s fever.  He desperately wanted to go to the LC football game on Friday night, so we went.  It wasn’t that cold, but I noticed after being there for about 10 or 15 minutes he pulled his hood on and his hands up into their sleeves.  Another 5 minutes after that he came to sit with me, saying he was too cold, even though his best friend Jorren was nearby.  I cuddled with him and rubbed his arms – he was cold but he didn’t want to go home.  He sat on my lap, his eyes barely open, for the entire 2nd quarter of the game.  Then he was ready to go home, but he could barely walk to the car – he was cold and shivering, even though it wasn’t that cold outside.  I wrapped him in a blanket and carried him to the car; when we got home his first interest was his bed.  He didn’t even want a book, and he didn’t want to put on his jammies.

His temperature was 102* so I gave him some tylenol and he went to sleep.  The next morning it was still a high 102.8* so we went in to the doctor.  He had a deep cough and a slightly runny nose, but mostly it seemed like congestion.  Everything looks okay but the fever, so he’s been taking tylenol every 4 to 6 hours.  The fever goes down within an hour of taking the meds, but it still creeps back up again when its getting close to the next dose.  Peyton’s behavior does the same – after taking the tylenol he’s happy and playful, but as time goes by he gravitates toward the couch and even asks for nap time.

He was coughing a lot at bedtime tonight – he REALLY wanted to sleep in his room, but I think the paint fumes were still too much for him, so he’s on the crib mattress at the foot of our bed for another night.  We’ll leave the window open tonight to let it air out, and hopefully he’ll be able to sleep in his very own super-cool blue bedroom for the first time tomorrow.

But for now, g’night!


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  1. Amy VB said,

    Hi Laura,
    It must be fever time of the year… Last Monday Shannon came down with a fever of 103, the next day 104, the next day 102…I called the doctor twice and they told me to keep up with the meds and fluids that she was reacting well too and to watch her for a few days to catch any other symptoms besides a fever…none came up and the fever finally went away…I hate having a sick kid- it is scary for mom! Ethan also got the fever on Tuesday evening and it has lasted all week, a bit lower grade than Shannon’s I think…even last night he was still feverish….poor kid. I hope Peyton will not be sick for so long.

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