October 11, 2007

Field Trips

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Every four years LC does “Outside the Walls,” a day off from classes so students can go off campus and learn some life lessons in the “real” world.  Each teacher comes up with a full day workshop or two half-day workshops, then students sign up for their top choices. 

We informed students that they couldn’t arrive earlier than 5:00 am on registration day – they were so excited in previous years that many camped overnight to save a spot in line.  This year the lawn was packed before doors opened at 8 as students were so eager to sign up for surfing, kayaking, hiking, fly tying, yodeling, cake decorating, flower arranging, and a variety of other options. 

Yesterday was the big day.  I arranged for one of the Mary Kay directors in my area to help me teach two half-day workshops on skin care and makeup application.  We had so much fun! 

It was exciting to see some of the quieter girls who lack self-confidence amazingly transformed by a little bit of makeup.  A week before they slipped into my room, face hiding behind their hair, shoulders slumped in shyness, to pick out colors.  After our workshop, both groups of girls wanted to stop at Dairy Queen for lunch or ice cream.  At Dairy Queen all the girls were beaming as they ordered and ate together.  The girls who had seemed like they wanted to shrink or disappear now stood proud and smiling.

In addition to the [exhausting] fun and busyness that I went through with Outside the Walls, Peyton had a blast this morning on a class field trip to the pumpkin farm.  His favorite parts were “takin’ the bus” and “pickin’ out mah punkin.”  He also had a spider painted on his cheek 🙂  He and I had lunch together before I took him to Miss Jenn’s. 

After school, while I started prepping his room for a fresh coat of light blue (we talked him out of navy) paint, he talked to me about his punkin’.  He wants to eat it.  Apparently someone told him you cook it by dropping it on the floor.  Later I caught him trying to take a bite out of it, like it was an oversized, discolored apple.  I guess we’ll have to make pumpkin pie together in the near future.

Baby Lauren keeps growing – she’s a light sleeper, I think, or she has excellent hearing, for she always wakes up when we wake up in the morning.  As soon as Peyton says “Good morning, Mommy!” when he comes into our bed, she starts wiggling.  A few days ago I told Peyton she was awake.  He put his head on my belly and she kicked him on his cheek – he thought it was cute 🙂  He often talks about how he’s going to give her milk and play with her and change her diapers and cut her fingernails (he’s had a fascination with scissors lately – especially a pair of baby nail scissors) for her.  I hope he’s this excited about her after she comes!


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