September 24, 2007

The Promised Update

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Well, Peyton needs to work on his hearing because this baby is definitely (well, as definite as an ultrasound can show) a little girl.  I’m SO glad we had the discussion last week and he was comfortable with the baby being “whatever God thinks is best for our family” because today he was so excited when I told him the news when I feared a week ago that this news would make him throw a fit.  I’m sure he’d be excited either way because we’ve been counting down for the past week, but I’m glad he was excited rather than disappointed. 

A baby girl!  Now I can finally make use of those adorable outfits I bought when Peyton was a girl but didn’t have the heart to return because they were just too cute!  I’m SO excited!

If you want to weigh in on a nursery theme, I’ve started registries at Babysrus and Target.  Obviously we’ll only be using one of the many I’ve picked out, but I’m kind of stuck between the vintage themes at Babysrus and the Tiddliwinks Cottage Chic at Target.  The bummer is I won’t be able to see either one until it comes in the mail – the closest Babies r us is more than an hour away, and Target only carries two or three sets that I’d rather not use.

Anyway, a little girl!  Lauren Elisabeth…or Elizabeth?


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  1. Amy VB said,

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! How exciting to know that Peyton will have a little sister. I’m sure they will get along great just like my Jacob and Shannon. What a gift from God to get to have one of each! I love it and I know you will too!!
    Blessings and Hugs!

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