September 9, 2007

Quick Update

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It’s been about a week since I last wrote, so here’s a quick update – everything is going well.  Peyton continues to tell everyone about our baby boy and the toys and games he’s going to play with the baby boy.  I continue to remind him that we don’t know for sure yet that the baby’s a boy – we’ll find out in about 2 weeks on Monday the 24th.  Whenever we see a baby he says it’s our baby’s friend.  He helped me wrap a gift for one of my coworkers who just had a baby and he was really mad when he found out I had already given it to baby Kylan.  Luckily I knew the mother would have baby Kylan at school for volleyball practice the next day, so we stopped in and he got to see the baby.  He was so excited when we walked away, he said “Mommy, I wish that was our baby!” 

He and I also went to the football game on Friday night – we only stayed long enough to eat hot dogs because as soon as Peyton was done eating he was more interested in testing mom than watching the game, so after his warning we left.  He did enjoy it while it lasted, though, and we saw baby Kylan again on the way out…Peyton especially likes his cute little tiny feet.

We saw a few girl babies at church and he thought they were so cute, so I asked him if maybe he could have a little sister?  No, Jesus said it was a boy, a little brother.  And that’s that.

If it is a girl, she’ll have to be a tom-boy.


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