September 3, 2007

Labor Day Weekend

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Our labor day weekend has filled up quickly!

Uncle Gordon invited us over Saturday evening for a salmon BBQ.  On top of the great food, we again enjoyed some time around the campfire roasting marshmallows and talking.  Steven had a 9th-grader-sized dirtbike they had borrowed from friends that he was racing around.  He offered to take Peyton for a ride, but Peyton was scared.  After a while, however, through first sitting on the bike with Steven, then sitting on the bike while Steven used his legs to move it forward, Peyton was ready for a slow ride.  Which turned into a super-fast ride not too many giggles later 🙂  Peyton had such a great time zooming around the backyard for what seemed like an hour.  We’d hear him laughing hysterically when they went over a bump, or yelling at Steven “watch out for that tree!”  We’d hear him begging “faster!  go superfast!” and indeed they did 🙂  By the end of the ride his arms were like ice from riding around without a sweater in the cool evening, and his wind-blown hair was so cute.  He looked like such a big boy! 

I was so proud of Steven, too, who made sure to ask us if it was okay to take Peyton out before he asked Peyton if he wanted to go.  He was so patient with Peyton, who wasn’t quite ready at first, and when they got on the bike and were going to get ready to go he asked Uncle Gordon to make sure Peyton’s legs were in a safe spot where they wouldn’t get burned.  He is an awesome young man!

Yesterday morning there wasn’t any Sunday school at church because they’re switching from the summer program to the fall, so Peyton and I planned to stay home.  He has a tough time sitting through 20 minutes of worship and announcements, I don’t think the other hour of church would be any easier. 

In the Kmart ad they showed a collection of Winnie the Pooh style baby gear on sale, so he and I went there to pick up a couple things that we’d left behind in California when they didn’t fit in our moving truck.  He was SO excited to pick out baby things, and I let him pick out a special toy for the baby just from him.  He is so proud of the Winnie the Pooh rattle and the set of car keys, he’s told Daddy about them many times. 

We also looked at some of the layette that was on sale.  While I’m sort of holding on to the 10% chance the baby could still be a girl, he’s a firm believer in the opposite.  He kept picking out boy outfits, and I was looking at yellow and green.  “Honey, we’re not sure the baby’s a boy.”  “Yes, mom, the baby is a boy.  I already told you!”  “Well, sweetheart, the doctor hasn’t said for sure yet.”  “Mom, he’s a boy.  I already know.”  The lady at the other end of the aisle laughed and said, “what are you going to do if it’s a girl?”  Maybe she’s right – maybe I should quit hoping for a girl and wish for a boy for the sake of avoiding any disappointment from Peyton 🙂

Last night we BBQd with our small group and enjoyed a campfire and smores and fellowship at their house.  Peyton played in the sandbox and ran around the yard with the boys for hours…needless to say he slept good last night.

Today, after Peyton woke up the baby by “tickling” him, I got to feel some strong kicks for a few minutes before baby decided he wanted a back-rub, pushing his feet into my back and his back against my stomache.  Only 3 more weeks and we’ll find out for sure what we’re expecting!  For now, I’m off to get some cleaning done; James is already outside mowing the lawns.  I think we’re planning on putting together a shelf we picked up for our garage and doing some more cleaning in what will be the baby’s room.  This afternoon we’ve been invited to a house-warming party for some of our co-workers, so we’ll be there this evening.

Happy labor day!  Enjoy the last days of summer before fall starts!


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