August 31, 2007


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Thank God it’s Friday – I think everyone in our house is exhausted. 

Peyton had a LONG nap at Jen’s today and he woke up asking if he could go back to sleep.

Mommy thought about going to Target later today…for about a minute.  Once she sat down she didn’t want to get up again.

Daddy come home talking about sleep.

Peyton loves school.  As soon as we walked in the classroom on his first day he stepped out of my reach and began a chorus of “bye, Mommy”s as I signed him in and checked his cubby.  I was able to sneak out of one of my classes long enough to see his class playing on the playground…I might add a pair of binoculars to my shopping list so I can tell which kid he is 🙂  I also snuck out of my study hall long enough to pick him up with Daddy.  He didn’t want us to pick him up; he wanted to stay with teacher Melinda.  They had read a story about Spot the dog and used thumbs to put spots all over a paper, just like Spot had, and he was proud of his paper but he wanted us to take it while he stayed at school.  The only other thing he would tell us about is “criss-cross apple-sauce,” and he was very proud of me when I could sit cross-legged.

This was a good week – I’m  enjoying my students, my class load is light (though the classes themselves are large, I’d rather have 2 preps with many students than 4 preps with small classes), and I have a long break in the middle of the day.  My stomache feels really heavy by the end of each day even though I spend much of my day sitting.  I should invest in a roll-up mat and take a nap during my prep period every day 🙂

We had a mixer today, and the best part was seeing all these Washington kids have a blast as though it wasn’t raining.  Mixed groups travelled from one activity to another in a war to see which team would win.  In my station, teams of red, green, blue and yellow blew up balloons and tied them to their ankles, then attempted to pop other teams balloons in a gigantic chaotic mess.  By the end of the afternoon, everyone was soaked and smiling, ready to go back in the halls and eat their fudgesicles.   

The icing on the cake occurred when I arrived home today and found the baby gender test in my mailbox 🙂  Boy or girl?  We’ll find out with 90% accuracy in the morning…watch for an update!


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