August 28, 2007

1st Day of School

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Peyton was SO excited to go to school this morning that he thoroughly chewed me out when I told him the plans for the day.

You see, today was not his first actual day of school school, it was orientation day, so it didn’t start until 10:30.  Today was my first day of actual school, however, so Peyton got dropped off with Miss Jenn until Daddy picked him up for orientation, then they met me at my room at the start of my prep period and we walked over to his classroom together. 

But he was VERY angry when he found out he wasn’t getting dropped off at school.

“Mom, you SAID I was going to school today!  I don’t wanna go to Miss Jenn’s!  You’re supposed to drop me off at school!”

After several minutes of explaining and a few extra minutes dealing with his anger at being at Miss Jenn’s instead of school, he was okay with getting picked up by Daddy later.

And he was SO excited to visit his classroom and meet his teacher.  It was so cute – he reached out to shake her hand, and she said “I’d rather give hugs than handshakes” and he was so excited to give her two gigantic hugs.  They had a treasure hunt prepared for him, so he got to visit various stations in the classroom and put stickers on the map when he found each landmark.  At the end he RAN up to teacher Melinda and grabbed her hand to show her his treasure map – “I DID it teacher Melinda!  I DID it!  I found them all!”  And teacher Melinda took his hand and led him to the special treasure chest with snakes…snacks inside.  He also found his name tag, his cubby and his coat hook – the only Peyton in the class 🙂  In fact, he had so much fun that he preferred to stay a few more minutes with Daddy than walk Mommy back to her classroom in time for 4th hour.

One thing I didn’t mention yet – I had a checkup yesterday and got to hear baby’s hearbeat for the first time.  It’s at 150, which, according to wives’ tales, indicates a boy.  Peyton swears it’s a boy, too.  I found a urine test that can tell with 90% accuracy whether baby is a boy or girl, and since it wasn’t very expensive it’s on the way 🙂  It should come in the mail by Friday or Saturday, so I’ll let you know what it says!  Our next appointment is September 24th, so we should find out for sure then whether it’s a he or a she. 

I’ve been feeling it move for a couple weeks, now, and whether boy or girl it seems a lot more mellow than Peyton was 🙂



  1. Ashley said,

    Peyton sounds so adorable. Autumn starts school next week. She hasn’t been talking much about it, but I am sure excited for her.

  2. Gramma said,

    I am glad to hear that Peyton is excited to go to school.
    Is the test you ordered the “Drano” test from the 80s?????
    LOL – I hope you aren’t being scammed… Don’t buy clothes this time until you see a clear ultrasound.

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