August 21, 2007

We Been Busy…

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We’ve had a lot going on in the last week – and both of our computers were down over the weekend.  James’ was done for so I’m typing from his lovely new computer that he’d been drooling over for a while, but since we didn’t need it it was on the “wait” list.  Until the other one went out. 


My computer is also done for.  I’m waiting for Circuit City to call about the damages.

The weekend without computers was kind of nice – James power-washed the whole driveway and you can actually see the cement now.  Not so in the gutters…the city ought to have those cleaned out now and then!  Sheesh!

While he was power-washing I pulled the dead plants out of the garden.  No, I didn’t kill them off.  They’re bulbs – they’ll resurrect next summer.  After that Peyton and I cleaned out and organized all the junk in our garage.  In the middle of doing that I came across a storage tub containing a few adorable baby girl outfits that I bought when Peyton was going to be a girl (that’s before we found out he was a he).  The Chinese birth calendar says it’s a girl, but with Peyton it was only as accurate as our doctor’s first guess.  If it’s consistently inconsisten, then, this baby is a boy.

When we picked up the new computer we decided we might as well move the computer out of the office and into the hallway to make room for our boy or girl baby, so we moved the junk-covered cardboard box out of the hallway and actually starting throwing some of it away!  James still has a lot of cleaning out to do in baby’s closet, but with school starting (next week!!!) I won’t have time to work in there for a while anyway.  We’ll probably do some painting in October since we find out Sept. 26th whether it’s a boy or a girl, but I have the feeling we’re going to paint it a neutral light green anyway.  There are some really cute pink bedsets with green as an accent, and if it’s a boy he’ll be using Peyton’s blue and green transportation set, so we won’t have to worry about gender mixups or changing rooms later.  

Yesterday I got our room and bathroom cleaned up and decluttered enough that I should be able to locate matching shoes and clothes for work since it starts TOMORROW.  We’ve also been encouraging Peyton to dress himself – he does a great job but he wants me to sit and watch.  Strange – when I tried to dress him he wanted to do it by himself, but now that I want him to do it on his own he wants me to dress him.  Kids don’t make any sense (or do they?).

He also had a major blow-up at the grocery store yesterday.  It makes me think he’s nervous or stressed about something…what could it possibly be?  His growing up reminds me of my ed classes when we learned about brain development – from ages 3 to 8 and then again from 13 to 18 the brain is developing so fast that parts of it don’t keep up…the last part to develop is the frontal lobe, which is in charge of emotions and also of linking actions with consequences.  Like this morning, when, for the first time ever, Peyton used a marker to color on something other than paper…the floor under my desk at school.  I could just imagine his thoughts – I wonder what will happen if I touch this open marker to the shiny floor?  The same exact thought patterns in a teenager – huh, I wonder what will happen if I stick my pen in an electric pencil sharpener?

My son is becoming a teenager?

I’m trying to get a hold of the book Bringing up Boys by Dr. Dobson.  I should have a copy by next week, but maybe I need it sooner than that.


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  1. Tina said,

    When my mom and I went up to visit SPU last fall, she picked up this flier for Lynden…. and apparently the rodeo is happening right now? (or a couple days ago?)…. did your family attend? 🙂

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