August 15, 2007

CA, driving & the fair

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This is our super-fast update since I haven’t blogged in a week!  I have 22% battery before I have to get off my butt and plug this laptop in, so here’s the summary:

Our vacation was fun – it was great seeing so many of our friends and family even though we were only there for a short time.

Driving was long but it worked.  Peyton watched the first two seasons of the Rescue Rangers – season one on the way down, season two on the way back up.  He was a good traveler, though he’d start getting ancy after about 3 hours of sitting still, but Mom and Dad felt the same and were ready to stop for gas or food or driver switch after about that much time, so it worked out.  We stopped mid-way in Weed, CA on the way home at 7:00 for dinner and a good night’s sleep.  With minimal traffic through Seattle, we made it home by 7:00 on Saturday night.

Peyton is still adjusting to being home again – he’s had a lot of attitude the last few days.  We almost didn’t make it to the fair yesterday because he was whining so much, but when I told him it was his last chance to show me he could be a big boy or I wouldn’t take him to the fair, he was suddenly able to control himself.  The fair was fun – just he and I went because James was at work, but we still had a good time.  He rode two kiddie rides all by himself, he visited all the different animals, he learned how to spin wool into yarn into clothes, he saw Ben the 3,300 lb. bull and a brand new calf that had been born that very morning.  We saw names of my students next to their animals, but we only saw one of my students in person.  We ate at the LC food booth and saw a few elementary teachers who know teacher Melinda, Peyton’s teacher next year (in two weeks!  ack!).  We had ice cream, cotton candy and lemonade; we milked a cow, dug for potatos and made a river suitable for fish.  And we won a free Adventures in Odyssey CD for knowing the secret word of the day at the Praise 106.5 radio booth…I happened to be listening while we got dressed in the morning 🙂

Anyway, we’ve had a great summer, but we’ve only got a week left!  And the red x appears over my battery…ttyl!


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  1. Laane said,

    That’s a lot of fun.
    Wish you more pleasant times!

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