August 1, 2007

WFMW – Free Videos

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This week’s Works for me Wednesday is dedicated to parental advice.   

Quit buying kid’s videos.  They cost too much money, they take up too much time (because you get how many hours for that money?), and I KNOW I’m not the only one who’s tired of hearing Dora’s special rainbow song after the second playback.  Before I list a few cheap options, I thought I’d mention that no I do not let my dear 3 year old watch TV non-stop – the TV is off as soon as I’m done in the shower and if he gets to turn it on again it’s only for 30 minutes before lunch or dinner time (this system has worked well for us this summer – he’s very good about asking before turning it on and turning it off on his own without argument). 

-Go to the library!  We just borrowed the new Curious George DVD for free!  If he’s not tired of it when it’s due back in 2 weeks, I know I’ll be ready to get rid of it and I won’t even need to hide it in the back of the cupboard to keep him from playing it again.

-Go online!  While playing the Dora game on my son clicked a link that brought him to 8 30-minute Dora cartoons!  Of course, my crap laptop is too slow to play them well, but he didn’t care that it paused every minute to load (I did – it turned a 25 minute commitment into nearly 40 minutes).  Playhouse Disney might also have a few short clips, but seek and I’ll bet you’ll find!

-Make use of Tivo or DVR!  If you don’t already have this it’s something to think about – instead of watching shows that happen to be on when it’s TV time, record the shows you want to watch and enjoy them during TV time.  It’s also helpful in turning OFF the TV because when the show’s over, the DVR pauses for several minutes waiting for you to choose save or delete rather than continuing on to the next show.  It makes it easy to watch JUST ONE Diego rather than Diego and the 10 shows that come after him. 

I can’t believe I just bought a $12 Dora video when we could be watching fresh episodes for free!  Free always works for me – for more ideas visit Shannon at Rocks in My Dryer.


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