July 30, 2007

Weekend in Review

Posted in Uncategorized at 12:26 pm by ogle3

Got ma hair cut.  Not spikey with green tips, spikey with red tips – as a Mary Kay consultant I know that red is a much better color on me than neon green.  It looked REALLY cute Saturday – it’s just longer than my shoulders but pretty much the same sort of haircut I’ve been getting for the last 7 years.  It hasn’t turned out as well in my home efforts; however, when I go to Bellingham for my doctor’s appointment and ULTRASOUND on Friday I’ll stop by and pick up the styling stuff she put in…maybe that’ll help. 

We ran lots of errands on Saturday in preparation for our big trip to CA.  In addition we dropped off my laptop at Circuit City.  When we bought it I paid a little extra for the “even if I break the thing myself I get a replacement laptop for free” warrantee.  The CD drive has been a pain for the past year and we brought it in once already…they fixed it, but after a month or two it wouldn’t read audio files anymore.  This time while the Firedog guy checked it out and ordered a new drive I questioned him on our warrantee – is it really true?  If I really happened to accidentally run over my laptop, would I get a brand new one?  As long as I run it over before the warrantee expires in October. 

What do you think?  Is this morally right?  The thing has been running like crap for the past year – it randomly needs to be restarted in order to run at all.  And if it IS morally right, how shall we do it in?

We’re just hoping for now that we get the thing back in time for me to record some CDs for our LONG 20 hour drive.  Otherwise it’s going to be known as the unbearably long 20 hour drive.

Pray for us.


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