July 25, 2007

Whale Watching

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Uncle Gordon invited us for a ride on the sailboat yesterday – Peyton had been begging for weeks so he was really excited when I told him to get his backpack ready.  He was thrilled to wear his lifejacket and we used a toddler leash to harness him to the boat 🙂  He loved seeing the sea lions and birds and border patrol.  Yeah, we got pulled over.  The first time we saw them (yes, we had two run-ins) they pulled alongside us and wanted to know if we had crossed into Canadian waters.  They asked if it was just Uncle Gordon and James on board, so they were surprised to hear about three others inside.  Steven, Peyton and I poked our heads out while they lectured on the rules of sailing between two countries.  Eventually they let us go.  An hour later we noticed a helicopter flying in our direction and joked about homeland security on our case again.  The flew right over top of us and circled before hovering for more than a minute.  We were waiting for them to turn on their spotlight or drop a few navy seals down into the water with heavy artillery or use the megaphone to command that we put our hands behind our heads or something.  We waved and smiled and I would have taken a picture as proof, but we were afraid the camera’s flash might look like gunfire to them.  We didn’t want them to misunderstand us.  Eventually they let us go on and other than barely seeing another patrol boat in the dark floating alongside us with their running lights out, we didn’t have any other problems. 

I tried to put Peyton down for bed after two hours of sailing but he’d pop his head up every minute to ask “Mom, any whales?  Do you see any whales?”  We didn’t see any whales on the trip (on the 4th Uncle Gordon and family were in the middle of a whole pod of whales) but we did see lots of sea lions of a dolphin or two (but that was late and harder to see very well).  Peyton had SO much fun and can’t wait to go again.  This morning when he got up he said in a very Mom sort of voice, “Mom, I’m sorry we didn’t see any whales yesterday.  They had to go home to sleep.  We’ll see them next time, okay?” 

Here are a few pics from our adventure:

Peyton & Daddy  Sea lions  P & D  P & S  UG 


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