July 20, 2007


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This week my morning sickness disappeared – I actually felt like I had some energy this week and yes!  I vacuumed once!  Peyton and I ran lots of errands together this week and we resumed our daily walking of the dogs/trip to Bender Park.  Today I tried milk, which I’ve been avoiding for the last four weeks because it pushed me beyond heartburn and towards the toilet, and though I did notice a bit of heartburn afterwards, it never came back up again.  Later in the afternoon I even had hot chocolate – hot milk with nesquick.  It probably sounds gross to those of you in hot weather, but here it was 62* & rainy, so a cuddly blanket and some hot cocoa was nice.  Not to mention the fact that Peyton picked out a Christmas movie to watch this morning 🙂 

Since I’ve had more energy to walk and clean I’ve been sleeping better at night.  I still wake up at 4:00 every morning, though, and don’t fall asleep again until 5 or 5:30.  At least I don’t have to go to work and can take a short nap in the afternoon.

I was glad to be rid of morning sickness, but now I’ve a new trouble – the baby’s squishing things around so my sciatic nerve is pinched.  Right now it’s a literal pain in the butt, sometimes worse and sometimes better.  Sometimes I limp around, and other times I get a really sharp pain when I lean over to pick things up.  I guess I better pull out my old back brace until it doesn’t fit my belly anymore.  Maybe the doctor will order bedrest and James will have to do the cooking and cleaning…

We’re 11 weeks now; in 2 more weeks I have another doctors’ appointment.  I’ll get another ultrasound because they need to check up on that cyst they found last time.  Hooray!  I’ll be 13 weeks then – they might be able to tell the sex of the baby by then, especially since it’ll be an internal u/s (you probably don’t want to know).

A discovery this week, but first some background.  In the past few years some green companies have been wanting to get rid of albuterol inhalers because they are aerosoles and deplete the ozone layer.  This past year they succeeded and plain albuterol has been replaced with albuterol sulfate, a non-aerosol version.  My family doctor prescribed this knowing we were trying to have a baby.  1200 miles away, my mom also received the new inhaler and she looked it up online.  It’s horrible!  Albuterol had very few side affects and none were serious.  This new inhaler can cause cancer, infertility, and even birth defects!  I suppose those are a small price to pay for a cleaner environment?!  To be fair (and to give you peace of mind), many of these occur only in those who take the maximum dosage on a daily basis for a period of time (I’ve only taken 3 or 4 puffs total in the past few months), but still!  Why would they do something like that!  GRRRRRRR!

It’s our anniversary tomorrow.  We might go out for dinner.  I say might because I procrastinated on finding a babysitter and my first, second and third options (tiemeyers) are busy 🙂  Anyone interested in filling the position?


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