July 17, 2007

WFMW – Killing Lots of Birds

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This Works for me Wednesday post is dedicated to killing many birds with one stone.  Or more specifically to getting a walk in/sleeping well at night/tiring everyone else out, too/getting your toddler to go to bed on time/walking the dog.  There’s also an additional WFMW tip not-so-hidden by a blue link to another website.  Consider it my gift to you.

(Birds #1 & 2/background info)  I need to walk, but getting a daily walk in has become more difficult (bird #1).  Peyton is 3.5 years old, which is decidedly too old for his stroller when it comes to our neighborhood; besides, when I walk I get tired, but he just sits!  He might as well do some of the work and wear himself out (bird #2). 

I suppose I could set my alarm and get up before he does, or take my walk before James has to leave for work, but that would mean that I have to stop being lazy!  I’d much rather fit a walk in when I feel like fitting one in – like when we get bored and he starts asking for the TV. 

Enter the super-cool Big Wheel.  He loves to ride his bike, but he’s only allowed to go between our neighbors’ driveways or in our driveway.  We occasionally ride bikes in the parking lot across the street, but unless I’m with him that’s off limits (it’s terribly boring for me).  But biking is such good exercise for him – as the only child in our family capable of running around (at this point), he doesn’t run around as much as I remember doing when I was little.  He’s been having a hard time falling asleep lately, so we need to make sure he gets enough exercise.

(WFMW tip) So we started a new method for our daily walk.  Peyton rides his Big Wheel on the sidewalk, I walk in the street next to him or on the sidewalk right behind him.  Now, our first time doing this he thought it funny to race ahead and make Mom chase him, but considering that I don’t feel like the doctor probably doesn’t want me to run, we came up with a quick solution.  He probably can’t hear me yelling at him when he gets too far ahead because he sings while he peddles, so now I wear a whistle.  When he hears it, he stops.  If he disobeys, I get to be the leader and he has to ride behind me because if he won’t make good choices then I will have to keep him safe this way.

Tonight I felt comfortable enough with Peyton’s obedience that I was going to take the dogs along as well (we might as well wear everyone out at once!  Birds #3 & #4?), but Sandy seems to have forgotten that we don’t pull on the leash.  We made it two houses before we turned around and put her back.  Jack, on the other hand, our large strong lab retreiver, in his head collar, was a very good walker tonight.  He loves going to the park with us because our park has a fenced-in off-leash area where he can meet other dogs and run himself out (so he doesn’t bug us during the night).  I’m going to pick up a head-collar for Sandy next time I get to the pet store.

After we tired Jack out he and I sat on/next to a bench while Peyton played with some other kids on the playground before we made the 20 minute trekk home.  All together, 40 minutes of walking/biking plus extra time for Peyton and Jack to play with friends…priceless. 

For more WFMW ideas, including how to teach a toddler to hold a pencil, visit Shannon!



  1. Sarah said,

    Great idea. I love multi-tasking when it isn’t a pain in the neck. 🙂

  2. Kim said,

    Great tips! I used to walk my son back and forth to school and I would walk our chocolate lab puppy as well – then I went back to work for awhile and stopped.

    I finished working the beginning of June – so started walking my son again, however, our puppy (8 months old) was then 90lbs and refused to co-operate.

    Now that school is out – I haven’t been doing any walking – thanks for the reminder to get back at it.

  3. Lynnae said,

    Great idea! My son rides his new two wheeler with training wheels when we walk. It’s a good workout, because he goes a lot faster than I’d normally walk!

  4. Cammie said,

    Yep, I used to allow my kiddos to walk when I walked…but it was s l o w ….and not a work out! Put them on their bikes and walla! I will add a whistle though, great idea, yelling does not work!

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