July 15, 2007


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The highlight of our weekend was a trip to Lake Padden yesterday with Tiemeyers & friends.  Frisbee, swimming, hot dogs and lots of other munchables, not to mention the company, made it a great afternoon.  Peyton was SO excited to go to the lake and go swimming, but mommy had forgotten the camera, so the best I can do today is to upload the pics from a Padden trip four years ago. 

Padden family  M & P at Padden  L & P at Padden

This was our first (and last, until yesterday) trip to Padden – Ryan and Peyton and I drove up in August of ’04 to visit for a week.  Peyton was 7 months old and he sat happily while we talked and ate and later while Mommy went across the lake in the canoes w/ Uncle Gordon, Ryan, Steven & Lisa to the rope swing (that’s still there).  I forgot how much fun we had until yesterday!

This time Peyton was big enough to play in the water until it started to cool off, then he entertained himself for the rest of the evening with running around, pretending a few aerobies around his waist were his car, then later his ship.  He had a blast and can’t wait to go back again.

I promise I’ll remember the camera next time 🙂


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