July 11, 2007


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This week is Vacation Bible School week at our church.  I signed Peyton up hoping for some Me-time while he practices school, but they asked for volunteers so I added myself to the “if you need” list. 

They needed.  Now I am not only “mommy,” I’m also “teacher Laura” to three little 3 year olds, Peyton included.  They’re good listeners (for the most part) – Peyton is the worst because I’m his mother so he gets whiny now and then, especially right before snack because he’s so hungry.  The time is probably too long for such little boys – everyone is tired and ready to go home by 10:30 or 11 after being good since 9. 

The theme this year is Avalanche Ranch and the creators of this VBS were very creative!  There are videos with the songs, words and motions on them, so we line dance together to songs like “Great Adventure,” “Wild Ride,” and “Praise His Name.”  Peyton tries really hard to keep up and he does a pretty good job for such a little guy.  It must stress him out a bit, though, because the first day after nap he woke up crying that he didn’t want to do the dance anymore…he probably had a nightmare in which he was being danced upon or something 🙂 

The Bible stories have focused on Joshua- spying on Jericho/the story of Rahab (God is real!  Wahoo!), crossing the Jordan on dry land (God is with us!  Wahoo!), and the battle of Jericho (God is strong!  Wahoo!).  The crafts have all related to the Bible stories, so we painted rocks from the middle of the Jordan and we made trumpets to make the walls of Jericho fall down (the first day the 3 year olds made trail mix snack for the rest of the kids).  Speaking of snack, we’ve enjoyed trail mix, smores (but frosting substituted for marshmallow – way too sweet!!!), and cracker sandwiches.  Thankfully teachers get a more adult-friendly treat because I’m starving by that time!  I tried snacking on cheerios behind the kids’ backs, but they notice everything and ask hungrily “wha’choo eating?”

Another point of entertainment occurs when all the kids gather together at the start and end of the day.  In the mornings Cowboy Mackenzie and Daisy Dolittle take offering in a cowboys v. cowgirls race to see who can raise the most money for building wells in Africa.  At the end of the day the money has been counted and they announce the winners of the day, who are rewarded with one tally point in a week-long competition.  Then there is a boys v. girls challenge – the first day it was a relay to see who could bring their balloons from one side to the other…while carrying them between their knees and clucking like chickens.  Then second day Cowboy Mackenzie and Cowpie Burke wore goggles and Daisy sprayed a giant dallop of shaving cream in their noses, then the kids had to see who could clean their leader best using squirt guns 🙂  Today, Cowpie Burke and one of the teachers were in a big-hair competition – using shaving cream, the boys and girls had to see who could make the tallest hair.  Cowpie Burke looked like she had a giant white chocolate hershey kiss for a head!  Peyton, Joey and Michael (my crew) thought it hilarious.  Finally, each day ends with a “pie or prize” volunteer, who inevitably gets a pie in the face.  Peyton volunteers every day for that position 🙂

Peyton says his favorite part of VBS is “Wahoo!” complete with cowboy arm motions.  Every time someone says one of our daily lessons (God is real, God is with us, or God is strong), everyone has to say “Wahoo!”  I think Peyton’s other favorite part is telling Daddy everything that happened at church.  He misses Daddy so much!  He was used to spending half his day with Dad and half his day with mom, but now it’s all day with Mom and only a few hours with Dad.  Every time we pull into our garage Peyton asks hopefully if Daddy’s home, but usually my answer is no.  When Daddy finally walks in the door, Peyton is SO excited to see him and tell him everything.

In spite of all his love for VBS, I’m not sure we’ll be able to make it tomorrow – his temperature is up pretty high.  He isn’t uncomfortable or tired – he acts normally and enjoys play time – but he feels really hot.  The thermometer said 101 at noon, it’s 99 now, but if it’s still up in the morning we’re not going to make it.  But maybe I should check all of our temps – it was 104* in town today!  And it’s 89 in our house right now.  At 6:40 pm.  Maybe we should invest in a/c…or go sleep at church – it was nice and cool there!


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