July 9, 2007

Take that, IRS!

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:25 pm by ogle3

We got a bill from the IRS tonight stating that we owed them over $3k from a messed up tax return in 2005. 

Of course, after opening this letter I practically had a heart attack and needed to be resuscitated because we’re already expecting stacks of upcoming bills due to this baby and our crummy health care (and maternity leave – I get 17 paid days and everything else is probably me owing money to the school to pay for my medical!).  I grouched and griped about what I thought the IRS could do while James pulled the file and called the number.

Now that all is said and done, they owe us $250.  Apparently our mis-file was to our credit, not theirs.

In your face, IRS.

*PS, dear, sweet lady who helped us sort out this mess, we really appreciate you and if you happen upon this angry post, consider it nothing more than a pregnant rant.  We really love the IRS.

I seem to be choking – off for a drink of water and g’night!

PS Vacation Bible School went well today.  More on that tomorrow.  Sleepytime!


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