July 6, 2007


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We celebrated two firsts today – our first dip of the summer in fishtrap creek at City Park and our first time taking Peyton to the movies.

This morning Peyton and I rode bike (in that I did the work and Peyton enjoyed the ride in the bike trailer) to City Park.  We brought along some extra towels and a picnic lunch and lots and lots of water.  We enjoyed our sandwiches and strawberries sandwiches between two sessions of Peyton playing in the water.  The creek is wonderful – it’s like a wading pool but it’s always clean because the water is always flowing.  There are a few “beaches” of sand along the water, which slowly gets deeper the farther one goes in – as Peyton was quite surprised to find out 🙂  I don’t think it gets too deep for him, but he suddenly realized the water was up to his belly and he turned around and ran back to me in fear.  The ride back from the park was probably a bit too much for me – my tires were low and a gentle wind was blowing against us, causing our sail of a trailer to pull us backward, but we made it eventually.

Rock climbing  Wading  Looking cute

We promptly took naps.

Then we went to the theatre.  Peyton was afraid – I’m not sure why.  I pulled up a picture on google to show him what a movie theatre looked like and that seemed to persuade him that everything would be okay.   We picked up Jorren and Miss Jen and drove to Bellingham.  A few of the previews were a bit scary for him, but overall he enjoyed it.  It wasn’t too loud, though we were afraid his sensitive ears would bother him.  The only drama was his wiggly legs.  He sat nicely for probably the first hour.  Then he sat on my lap.  Then he sat on his chair with his legs under him.  Then he sat on his chair with the chair folded and his legs in the gap.  Then he got stuck.  Then he got unstuck.  Then he sat on my lap.  He seemed to repeat this process many times, with Mommy whispering often “be still or we’re going to have to leave!” and the like.  I dug a bag of saltines out of my purse and that seemed to hold him still for a few minutes.  I was glad when the movie came to an end.  We enjoyed it, but it was slower than some of the past Disney-Pixar films that Peyton so loves.


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