July 5, 2007

The Fourth

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How we celebrated the 4th:

-Breakfast with the Tiemeyers @ Dutch Mothers

-Gardening/Playing in the hose  Daddy’s Hair  PJ  Hoseplay 1

-Lunch together


-Marioparty 8

-Listening to Music/just hanging out


-Fireworks and a campfire @ Uncle Gordon’s (comment if you wanna see the pics – for some reason they got messed up and I don’t feel like replacing them on such an old post)   Helping Steven     


This was Peyton’s first 4th of July fireworks celebration – in years past we’ve always put him to bed because he’s afraid of loud noises.  This year, however, thanks to some sparklers Tiemeyers had left over from last year, Peyton knew ahead of time what fun the 4th can be.  So all day Peyton asked and wished and hoped and dreamed of Sparklers and a campfire at Tiemeyers.  Once there, Daddy started a fire and Mommy and Peyton snacked on cherries.  Steven was in charge of fireworks for the night and he was very good at making use of Peyton’s helpfulness.  All night Peyton held the flashlight so Steven could see what he was lighting, then Steven would yell “run!” and Peyton would come as fast as he could to me.  After a particularly loud firework, the rest of the evening was spent asking “Is this one loud, Steben?”  He covered his ears and sat on my lap during the loud ones, but he didn’t cry and he said “I wasn’t scared, Mom!”  He loved the sparklers and his second favorite fireworks were the bees – they fly, so you never quite knew what was going to happen with them.  Anyway, Peyton wasn’t in bed until 11, but he was happy all the evening (though not necessarily all this morning, but he did alright!).

Tomorrow another first for Peyton: we’re taking a trip to the theatre to see Ratatouille (or however you spell it) with Miss Jen and Jorren.  I’m thinking we might take along some cotton balls for his sensitive ears – I’ll let you know how it goes 🙂


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