July 3, 2007

Doctor’s Visit

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Our appointment went well this morning – the baby is measuring at 8 weeks and 3 or 4 days, which is exactly how far along we thought we were.  Our due date, then, remains February 8th.  We could see that the blood was flowing through the umbilical cord, and we could see baby’s arms and legs and the beginnings of baby’s brain.  I have some printed pics that I’ll post once I get the chance to scan them in.

Oh, and contrary to Peyton’s “prophecy” at dinner last night, it is not one girl baby and one boy baby.  It’s just one baby.

There was something unusual – I have a 2″ (golf-ball sized?) cyst on my ovary.  Doctor wasn’t worried yet because apparently girls get cysts that grow until one wins and we ovulate, but then the cysts are supposed to go away.  This cyst seems to have “gotten a little too excited,” but it’s just fluid and it should go away.  We’re going to check it again at our next appointment, which (I just realized) means I get another ultrasound!  Awesome! 

Baby O2     Baby O2 descriptions

Those really look like feet at the ends of our baby’s curled up legs.  If they are, those knitting baby booties better make them XXL sized!


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