June 19, 2007


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My parents, my brother, my cousin, my son and I visited Capilano today.  Capilano is famous for its suspension bridge and other tree-top views.  Daddy was working today, so he warned me many many times that he did not want me to force Peyton across, and I better not let him fall off the side!

Peyton was worried before we even got there.  He does have a fear of heights – at McDonald’s he won’t crawl over the ropes or walk over the suspension bridge because it’s too shaky and too high and he’s sure he’ll fall.  When we go down a small hill on the way out of town, he always says he’s scared.  When we were driving, I said, “Look, Peyton, it’s Canada!” but he replied “I don’t like Canada.”  He was nervous.

When we got there, we parked the stroller.  “Peyton, we’re going on a hike!  We get to be explorers!  Just follow Papa” and off we went.  I held his hand and he just watched Papa’s back until we were half-way across.  Then I told him to look around at the trees and the stream far beneath us, and he was enjoying himself!  The park had a young explorers program that gave him a “map” of the ecosystem, so he loved checking his map and leading us around.

peytons map  cap

bridge  On the bridge


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