June 9, 2007

Still Alive

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To overexaggerate, I’ve had two near-death experiences in the past week.

First, at the staff end-of-the-year barbeque, I was really enjoying an interesting veggie salad when I tasted something that tasted familiar but in a long ago sort of way.  My mouth tingled way worse than when I eat Kiwi or over-ripe bananas.  I poked through the salad and sure enough, there were a few small chunks of avocado in it.  Woops.  I’ve done so well avoiding avocados for the past 20 years, only to slip up now.  For those of you without history, as a kid I ate (and loved) a whole avocado, but my lips didn’t like the avocado as much as I did – they protested by doubling (tripling?) in size.  Our neighbor the doctor suggested Benadryl and that I avoid avocados for the rest of my life because my throat would probably swell up the next time.  But here I am, a week after eating an bite of avocado, and still alive.  I typically carry around a caplet or two or Benadryl just in case, although when I check my purse after I realized what I’d eaten it was too much of a mess to locate the medicine :-).  Anyway, I guess now I know that I won’t ever have to go in for Botox injections – just eat a few chunks of avocado to achieve the perfect plumpness.

Second, Peyton and I went to City Park yesterday to have a picnic.  We met Steven there and talked to him for a few minutes until he went to find a teacher who was there.  As Peyton and I were heading toward the picnic area, I heard a woman yell “Lookout!  Your car is rolling!”  I looked up at the top of the hill (the hills that we had gone sledding on during our winter snowstorms) and another woman was desperately trying to catch her car that was rolling towards the bottom of the hill where a few people were walking or playing.  She quickly made the decision to quit trying to stop the car and instead she and a few others close to the car were frantically trying to get everyone out of the way.  People were yelling “look out!  move” and “get out of the way!” and running to make sure everyone was safe.  It was coming fast, and if a child had been in the way, we would have witnessed someone die.  There was a woman sitting on a picnic bench near the creek (right where Peyton had wanted us to sit) and the car was coming right at her.  On the way down the hill, the car first bounced off one tree (Boom), then kept traveling down the hill, but the woman didn’t move.  The car’s owner was desperately trying to get the woman to move before the car crushed her, but before it could it ran into another tree that stopped it (Boom).  The screaming and the two booms brought parents running from the other side of the park – they thought they heard two gunshots and were getting ready to call 911 on their cell phones.  No one was hurt (thank God!), no one was in the car, but the woman who owned the car was sobbing uncontrollably, and I don’t blame her.  If someone had been hurt, she would live an entirely different life than the one she lived when she came to the park to celebrate a little girl’s birthday.  Even though everyone is safe, it’s frightening to think of what could have happened.  It’s a park!  Kids are safe to run around!  But if Peyton had been running around and I sitting on the bench, would he still be alive?  All I can do is pray in the morning that God will protect him and thank God in the evening that I have him for another day, and as for tomorrow, I know that God’s plans for us are good, even though it sometimes means pain along the way.  According to Romans 8:28, “In ALL things God works for the Good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.”  God is faithful – He has worked through the many losses that our family has had.  Even though it is so hard to say goodbye to our loved ones, God has always continued to do good work in those who are still stuck on earth.  So I will treasure each day I have with my son, and I will realize that whatever plans God has for us, they are the very best that we could hope for.


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