June 7, 2007

Looks like we made it

Posted in Uncategorized at 5:45 pm by ogle3

The grades are in.  The room is clean.  The desk is organized.  One more year done.

Boy am I glad we made up the snow days months ago.  Local public schools have two to three more weeks to go, but we’re out! 

I feel so…normal?  Last year at this point I was rushing around for graduation AND getting ready to drive three vehicles and a big rig (four adults, two teens and a toddler) one thousand, two hundred sixty miles.  Last year I had to make sure everything was in its proper place because I was leaving permanently.  This year, however…we aren’t even taking our vacation until the end of the summer.  I have two months to take care of the filing nightmare in my desk!  Maybe I could go in for a few minutes every morning and file 30 papers each day.  Then I’ll be done by the end of the summer.

Maybe it’s the weather that has thwarted the “school’s out for summer” spirit.  We had a beautiful April-May with almost-too-hot temperatures on a few of those days, but this week the weather dropped twenty degrees and the rain has been misting again.  Put the shorts back in the drawer for another year – it’s not summer yet!  Really, I’ve been wearing jeans, a long sleeve shirt and a sweatshirt since Monday.  What happened to the sun?  It better come out soon – my parents and little brother will be up here a week from tomorrow!

Next goal: get the house clean for the visit.  I’ve got some curtains to sew, a bedroom to clean and organize, and the rest of the house could use some organizational help, too.

Right now, though, I would love to go straight to bed.


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