June 4, 2007

A Pony for Christmas

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When I was little I wanted a pony for Christmas.  I really wanted a pony for Christmas.  One year I received a spring rocking/bouncing horse from “Santa,” and I was happy for a time, but it wasn’t a real pony.  I received several of the my little variety of ponies on various birthdays and Christmases, and even a Barbie breed of pony, but never a real horse. 

In my elementary school years I used to play pretend with my brother and my cousins in my grandma’s backyard.  I had a whole list of cool horse names, so of course I had to have that many horses.  Grandma had a unique, spinning clothesline that resembled an inside-out umbrella, so I tied all my horses up there until I needed them, and the one I had chosen I would gallop all over the backyard. 

People encouraged my unattainable dreams by giving me books about girls with horses.  The Elizabeth Gail series (yep, I own and read all 20), as well as two or three other smaller series’ of books, only fed my dreams even though Southern California is probably the worst place in the world for owning a horse. 

In middle school we visited a cousin in Iowa who owns a horse.  All the way home (and it was a long time, since we drove) I calculated how much I’d need to babysit and save to buy a horse, and how much I’d have to pay each month to stable and feed it.

In high school and college I finally came to the disappointing realization that I’d probably never own a horse.  My happy life was over once the disillusionment set in.

Until the summer of ’04, when I came up to visit Uncle Gordon and Aunt Sandra, whose neighbors own two horses.  And I loved everything else up here, so James and I talked and planned our move for the summer after I finished my credential.

At the beginning of my last semester of work on the now-worthless credential, we officially planned our move.  Our realtor asked us to make a list of what our dream home would be like.  At the word “dream,” it all came back; however, our more urgent needs and the possibilities obviously outweighed my far-off dream of having a horse that I have absolutely no idea how to care for.  I settled instead for a horse that’s penned a block from home, so whenever I walk I say hello and he comes over to be patted. 

Last week (I’m getting to the point now, I promise) one of my coworkers and I were talking about my childhood dreams and she asked me if I would be interested in riding her daughter’s horse for her.  Her daughter is moving away, but the horse needs to be ridden, and she can’t do it, so she was wondering if I would.  Would I! 

Now I just need to find a teacher.  Don’t worry – I have a few leads.  I have students, remember!  Lisa also has a friend who would love to help, so now I just need to work on setting official dates.  Hooray, and happy early Christmas to me!


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  1. 3tfarm said,

    Boy…do I know exactly how you feel! I grew up wanting a horse so badly that I couldn’t stop dreaming about it! My message to you is don’t stop now…go for your dreams…they can and will come true if you want them bad enough!

    I am so stubborn that I didn’t stop until I had mine and it’s only getting better!

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