June 3, 2007

Three More Days

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To the tune of “One Short Day” from the musical Wicked:

Three more days until exams are over!

Three more days ’til the teachers are free!

Three more days ’til my summer vacation!

Though I’m goin’ nowhere it’s better than last year

I’m ready to finish these three more days!


Saturday I proctored SATs at LC until 1, then we dropped Peyton off at Tiemeyers so James and I could enjoy the adults-only teacher end of the year barbeque.  There we enjoyed non-school related conversation, learning all about bee-keeping thanks to Mr. Kredit (host of the party), who has three honey-making hives in his backyard, and said farewell to those who will be moving on.  

In the mean time, at Tiemeyers, Peyton went for rides on the tractor.  Before we left he was uninterested and somewhat afraid, but once I told him he’d get to wear super-cool headphones that make everything really quiet, he was excited.  As we pulled out of the driveway Peyton waved, headphones already on.  Later they made good use of free child labor and washed Uncle Gordon’s car.  Peyton washed the wheels, then he realized how funny everyone acted when he squirted them, so he entertained himself for a while, and both he and Uncle Gordon were soaked by the time they were able to get the hose back.

When we picked Peyton up, Tiemeyers invited us to stay, so James had a second dinner, then we enjoyed another bonfire and some smores.  Towards the end of the evening, Sheri made the best cookies ever (she promised she’d get me the recipe – when she does, I’ll pass it along) and (unrelated) Peyton wet himself.  Apparently he couldn’t find the light switch so he tried (unsuccessfully) to do without.  Poor guy.  Only he didn’t tell me, he told Steven, but only after Steven asked him why his rear was soaked.  So Mommy cleaned the floor, then we went home for the night – we stopped carrying around extra clothes a long time ago, but perhaps we’ll have to start again just in case. 

Tiemeyers came over for dinner tonight – crockpot sloppy joes from recipezaar.com, fresh salad from Uncle Gordon’s garden, and baked potatoes.  I chose the menu based on avoiding the oven (we used the toaster oven for the potatoes) because it was hot again today.  Tonight it has cooled off quite a bit, and we’re supposed to have cooler weather and possibly some rain tomorrow.  For the record, the last rain was a brief mist last week Monday.  It’s been hot and sunny all week, but we’re excited for the cooler weather because our house gets so warm!

Three more days…


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