May 31, 2007

Beach Boy

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The beaches in WA aren’t quite the same as those in CA…ours is way better.  It’s very close to home – within walking distance, in fact – you don’t get sand stuck in your bathing suit, there’s fresh food close by, and it’s mostly private!

Our Beach     Drying off

That’s right, it’s right in front of our house!  Parking is free, I don’t have to worry about Peyton wandering off or getting caught in the undertow, and as soon as he’s done, it only takes us minutes to pack up and go home.  We don’t even have to change in the super-nasty beach banos (that’s an n with a ~ over the top, by the way). 

For some reason, everything feels warmer here.  We say 40* in the winter, but a nice jacket over regular clothes will keep you warm enough.  We say 60* and sunny, then capris and a t-shirt will be just right.  70* and sunny, shorts and a tank top will be perfect.  80* though, is just too much.  In that case, cancel school (they wish!), don the swim suit and plug in the hose.  So the last few days, Peyton and I have been spending the afternoons (4:30 to 6:00 – remember, the sun doesn’t set here until 10!) with the Elmo sprayer on the hose.

Completely unrelated, on Memorial Day, Peyton was entertained by Uncle Brad and his dear sock puppet via Skype.  That night when Peyton was bathing, he realized he had a bubble goatee, and he raised his hand and started speaking in a wannabee Kermit the frog voice “Hi!  How ya doin’?  I’m Mr. Sock!” 

Goatee     Mr Sock



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