May 23, 2007

Million Smiles City Park Pics

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I bribed Peyton to ride to City Park with me today by hiding a lollipop in his bike trailer 🙂  To refresh your memories, this park used to have a very old, very basic playground, but this past year our community got together to update it.  Volunteers organized it, all project materials were donated by local businesses, and all work was completed by volunteers.  It ran surprisingly smooth from a day-worker’s point of view – usually tasks done by volunteers lack in one way or another, but this project was an incredible way to help the community.  After two weeks of building in May, the playground was finished!  Here are some pictures we snapped today.

Million Smiles  Here’s near the entrance – the “Tot Lot” is in the background. 

Tot Lot  Tot Lot Shop  Million Handprints

Notice the business names on the middle picture – they are real Lynden businesses.  Edaleen Dairy has the best soft serve ice cream, and it’s about 50 cents for a cone!

Apart from the Tot Lot, there’s another fenced in section for the bigger kids.  Peyton and I are near the top, where a treehouse and a swirly slide stand at the top of the hill.  Big Kid Overview

Big Kids Balance  Climbing the Ropes  Familiar prints 

The handprints were done at some of the local elementary schools, so we look to see who we know.  When Peyton came with Miss Jenn and Jorren and Caden and Dylan, they found “Jorren B.”s handprint, so whenever Peyton and I go together, he shows Jorren’s print to me.  In addition to the kids’ prints, however, there are also some famous prints.  Do you see any in the picture above, taken inside the treehouse?

Peyton doesn’t like the huge swirly slide (it’s pitch black in the middle!), so he plays on the other two slides.

Silly Slide

After our bike ride, I snapped a few pics of the front yard, since everything is bloomin’ beautiful.

Our House


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