May 20, 2007

It is Finished!

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Potty training is completely done now.  Last summer it began with Potty Training in Less Than a Day, which worked perfectly.  He had step one done, within a few days step two was also mastered.  We left it at that for a while, considering the day-time training taken care of.  During the night he still wore pull-ups, up until several weeks ago.  His pull-ups were almost always dry in the mornings, and I was tired of paying for disposable underwear, so we quit. 

He had a couple accidents.  One night I was so asleep when he came to me wet that I told him to take off his wet clothes, get his own underwear (pitter-patter down the hallway…dresser drawer opens…pitter-patter back), I changed him, then I told him to go back to his own bed.  He said he didn’t want to, so I told him I’d tuck him in and hoped he’d take the bait.  I followed him down the hall, running into walls along the way because I was still in sleep mode.  He climbed into his bed but scrunched himself against the wall with a frustrated and confused whimper.  I still didn’t understand until I grabbed his disgusting wet covers.  Hello!  He wet the bed!

I knew we were finished with training when a week or two later I heard him open his door.  I saw the bathroom light flick on.  I heard the toilet seat slam.  Then I didn’t hear anything.  After a few minutes I went to check on him – I thought he was playing in the bathroom.  The light was out and he had tucked himself back in bed without help.  Without help!

And that was it.  As long as we make sure he doesn’t drink too much after dinner and he uses the bathroom before bed, he stays dry. 

And we save a small fortune in pull-ups money!


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