May 17, 2007

Bats and Balls Leaving the Field?

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James and I took Sheri and Steven out to the Angels game against the Mariners at Safeco Field in Seattle.  Go Angels!  We bought the tickets from a season ticket holder, but we wondered later if she ever attends any games, or if she just sells them off for her own safety – each seat was backed with a disclaimer: “Keep alert for bats and balls leaving the field.”

A couple from our small group had offered to watch Peyton, so Peyton went to Owen’s house to play.  We knew he would have a blast – Jeannie told us to send old clothes and boots so he could play in the mud while she worked on the irrigation system they’re putting in. 

James, Sheri, Steven and I sat through batting practice and pre-game warm-ups, we ate Major League Mariners dogs and nachos and pizza and crackerjacks.  The Angels won.  James and I enjoyed cheering for the Angels while Sheri and Steven wept over the Mariners and their inability to get a single runner in. 

We left in the bottom of the 7th for the two hour drive home; after dropping Steven and Sheri off by their car at the LC parking lot, we stopped by to pick up Peyton.  Jeannie said he was so sweet, and the boys loved playing together.  Peyton woke up on the way out the door and he said he had fun, and he loved playing in the mud, and he was a hard worker, and he wants to go play again at Owen’s house while Mommy and Daddy “play baseball.”


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