May 9, 2007

Crash and Burn

Posted in Uncategorized at 8:27 pm by ogle3

Peyton and I had a little fall yesterday when leaving the grocery store.  I was carrying him and couldn’t see the curb.  Peyton hit the back of his head, and my knees and the top of my left hand are scratched, bruised and swollen.  Poor Peyton – before we went down I had been overdramatic – “You’re so heavy!”  When I picked him up after we fell, he whispered sadly through his sobs “I…too…heavy!”  Poor little guy!  I felt so bad!  He did so good at the grocery store, and then this!  We were kind of worried for a while, but he’s okay.  Aside from the gigantic bump on the back of his head…


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  1. Gramma said,

    hate to tell this, but falls run in the female part of the family. I fell two times last Saturday at Gettysburg. I had the same injuries you have. Sorry I gave you the gene.

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